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Pgh Marshmallow

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If angels were to grab a snack in the clouds, they would surely find something like a Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory creation.  These heavenly treats are delightful and on a recent weekend strolling  around a very crowded Strip District, I bought some of the fluffy white confections for the first time.  

There are many flavors from which to chose– almost 20 — but I settled on the three the employee described as the most popular: Coconut, Vanilla, and Cookies-N-Cream. Each one sells for $1.00 at the Public Market (although the website has prices from $1.50 to $3.00) . They’re large and oddly square but delightful.  I especially enjoyed the Coconut.  I’ve heard they’re fantastic melted on top of pancakes but I didn’t want to wait for that!

The company was founded by Chris Momberger and Debbie Steinberg. At first, they made them to show off at parties or give as gifts. They were always such a big hit, they decided to open a business.  They hand-craft varieties including a maple- flavored covered in real bacon bits and one that includes ghost chili — the world’s hottest pepper ( I’ll pass on that one!) There is also an Orange Creamsicle, Peanut Butter, Root Beer, Caramel Coffee, Pistachio, and Bananas Foster.

Although mashmallows are best known as campfire treats for kids…. these gourmet delicacies are best suited for adults. You can find them on weekends at the Pittsburgh Public Market (on Smallman between 16th and 17th) and they’re also taking online orders.
I love these new treats and I love it even more that they’re concocted in Pittsburgh … quite possibly the home of a new marshmallow revolution.

Find them on the web here.
Pgh Marshmallow, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings