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Glenn Greene’s Stained Glass

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The shop’s garage doors were wide open and welcoming to Glenn Greene’s Stained Glass Studio and the sun was dancing on the beautiful stained glass.  But the beauty of the glass sparkling brilliant colors of royal blue, misty amber, and emerald green, drew me inside for a closer look at the Regent Square shop.

The shop dog, Otis, calmly walked over to check us out as we began to browse in the doorway. He’s been greeting customers here for 12 years now.  Glenn Greene appeared a bit disheveled on this early Saturday morning as he was creating a piece but when we walked in, he stopped working and enthusiastically invited us to take our time a look around.

Greene lives right next door and spends his time in his backyard garage-turned-studio creating everything from cathedral masterpieces to inspire the faithful to tiny blocks of color to cheer up windows in homes.  I especially enjoyed his original pieces of art which include individual elements of glass that vary in texture and shape.

There are hundreds of framed pieces about 8 X 10 and cost about $50.00 and the larger pieces can run into the thousands of dollars.  He does both original pieces, commissioned work and restorations. Some are designed to be a window and others are intended to hang from the ceiling or windowsill. In one of my favorite commissioned works a couple gave him a photo of them together on a beach.  He turned a section of the photo into a memory frozen in glass.


For the piece shown on the right, Greene explained his inspiration on his Facebook page, “I created this piece in February of 2007. I was feeling a bit depressed about what was going on in the news at that time. So I decided to create something that would be a positive response. The figurative representation in the center is an androgynous spirit that represents the good and hopeful spirit of humanity.”

Greene’s hours are hit-and-miss but if you’re in the neighborhood it’s worth a drive by 635 South Braddock Avenue to see if the artist of fragile color and light is inside.

Keep up with his work here on his Facebook page.

Glenn Greene's Stained Glass, 4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings