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The Green Mango

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I remember when The Green Mango first opened in Swissvale. It was a tiny take out place other than the two small bar tables. I used to visit frequently on lunch breaks and it was especially wonderful in the winter with the front windows steamed up from the delicious warm food being prepared.

Then the owners from Thailand wanted to try expanding the American dream and open a bigger place. An actual sit down restaurant.  I was nervous for them because sometimes that doesn’t quite work out. It didn’t work out for the restaurant that had been in the very space they moved into before them.

But this amazing food would be enough to cement their success to a bigger place and  beyond.  Now The Green Mango has fantastic places in Regent Square, Penn Center East, and The Waterfront Mall.

On this visit I was on another lunch break and ordered my regular favorite from the Penn Center East location– Phuket Pineapple Fried Rice ($11.50) and since mangos are in season and this place is named after a mango — I had no choice but to splurge on sticky rice and mangos.

There are several of my coworkers who also love this place and often we order a half dozen things and try a little bit of everything.   Sometimes we even ask the owners to surprise us.  The Spicy Thai Basil Beef is perfectly prepared — although my nose always runs because I don’t handle spicy food that well.  Anything from the Green Mango’s menu with lemongrass is scrumptious and the summer rolls are a wonderful treat. There is also a rather large selection of vegetarian specials.

The Regent Square location is the most charming, especially the outdoor sidewalk seating which is necessary because the inside fills up quickly during peak times. But if you’re looking for some great Thai food any of these will be a great choice and a great Pittsburgh Thing.

It is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and it’s BYOB.  

Regent Square

1109 S. Braddock Avenue

Regent Square, PA 15218

Tel. 412-244-3310

Penn Center East

3462 Wm. Penn Hwy

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Tel. 412-824-9500

The Waterfront Mall

142 West Bridge Street

Homestead, PA 15207

Tel. 412-476-9100



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