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Happy Hot Dog Man

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When something is named Happy Hot Dog Man, you can’t resist giggling.  But when I heard it was created by two Pittsburghers I suddenly imagined using it to add some flair to my Steelers tailgating party!

The Happy Hot Dog Man is a plastic contraption that turns a hot dog into a hot dog person. It carves out arms and legs and even a smiley face in any hot dog. It’s silly, it’s funny, and kids love it.

For $10.99 (plus $6.99 shipping/handling and $6.99 processing) you get four happy hotdog men, a ketchup critter & a mustard monster (which are little plastic coverings for ketchup and mustard) for a grand total of $24.97.  I soon started seeing it on late night talk shows with punchlines galore….. and soon I just had to have one!

When my order finally arrived, I was impressed.  It’s very well made– much better than I had imagined.  It’s also easy to use, and impossible for little fingers to get cut or smashed since the plastic has a break-away feature.  Even better, it actually works–my sliced hot dog easily turned into a little man when boiled. Voila!  It didn’t entice my kids to eat any more than normal but it sure made lunch more fun!  We couldn’t stop laughing and the kids loved decorating the hot dog men with ketchup and mustard.

The Happy HotDog Man was created by two South Hills men, 53 year old John Dwerdok and 26 year old Dan Brodland from Upper Saint Clair. They got the idea about 10 years ago. Dan’s mother used to cut up his hot dogs in a special way so when they were thrown on the grill or dumped in boiling water they would form arms and legs and turn into a little hot dog man.  When Dan was at a church camp with counselor, John, he was helping in the hot dog line and he took out a pen knife and sliced it like his mother did to create a hot dog man. Soon every camper in line wanted one, too.  John was annoyed and started thinking of a quicker way to cut up the dogs.  Six months later, John wanted to turn Dan’s idea into an invention and with the help of the University of Pittsburgh —  the Happy Hot Dog Man was born (interesting sidebar: they first called him The FrankFormer).

I think the $24.97 total price tag was worth the entertainment we’ve had so far with the kids and I’m looking forward to seeing the adult reaction as we get ready for kickoff! Now, if I can just come up with some good comebacks for the dirty jokes that are bound to be thrown out there as I introduce my small plot of Steeler Nation to Happy Hot Dog Man.

Find it here on the web:  happyhotdogman.com



Happy Hot Dog Man, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings