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Warhol D.I.Y. Pop App

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The newest app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to come out of Pittsburgh honors the late pop artist Andy Warhol.  It turns your photo into a Warhol-esque work of art.   It retails for $1.99 (debut price is only $0.99) and I say it is worth every penny!

It takes any photo you have through a four step virtual silkscreen process which is especially cool when you get to the exposure feature and a light bulb “zaps” the picture complete with light flash and buzzing sound.  You can use your finger to paint on bright colors and then choose the underpainting color. Finally, you get to swipe across a squeegee to complete your masterpiece.

I will admit I had some trouble with that painting technique the first few tries.  I made a virtual mess. I think it would work best on an iPad on a larger surface than my iPhone.  But I’m getting better with each try and sometimes the disastrous ones are worth the laugh.

The app also features information about the Warhol museum, details about the silkscreening process today and there’s even a 4 1/2 minute video demonstration which shows the actual process.

Once completed, the user can then share this newly created art via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter…. and if you can’t immediately share a quirky picture then what’s the point of social media?

And while my creations were far from a stunning Marilyn, Jackie, or Liz ….. soon my friends were asking me to turn their photos into works of art mainly for their FB profile picture.  So even though it’s not a vital app like Words With Friends (I am so addicted!)…..  this is something cool to play with while honoring a Pittsburgh great.

The Warhol team collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University’s Professional Software Engineering Program to create the Warhol D.I.Y. Pop app.

Find Warhol on the web: www.warhol.org

Warhol D.I.Y. Pop App, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings