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Ransom Seaborn

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Full disclosure from the start:  I have been a big fan of singer/songwriter Bill Deasy since his days with the Gathering Field. So when I heard his debut novel was being published, I eagerly awaited Ransom Seaborn’s arrival. It didn’t disappoint.  The songwriter inside of Deasy poured out onto the pages.  The words flow almost lyrically as the soulful story is revealed.

The book is a coming of age novel about Dan Finbar, a.k.a. Fin, who’s a middle class suburban Catholic Pittsburgher who arrives as a freshman outcast at a conservative Protestant college in Western PA.  He’s a budding musician whose lone confidante is the reclusive Ransom Seaborn. One night, Finbar hears the shot fired as Seaborn commits suicide.  Fin is left with his roommate’s depressive diary to decipher what led to that tragic event which would forever change Fin.

While the overall plot is wonderfully simple, the underlying emotions are deep and complicated as Fin searches for answers into his roommate’s final decision and answers inside of himself.

Deasy’s novel Ransom Seaborn was selected out of 1600 books to receive the 2006 Golden Needle Award.The book has been compared to the works of J.D. Salinger.  And while that comparison may be too generous, I enjoyed this novel so much that I’m anxiously awaiting when I’ll have time to read his next novel, Traveling Clothes.

Ransom Seaborn, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings