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Park Bruges

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I always heard great things about Point Brugge in Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze neighborhood but never made an effort to check it out because I had heard there’s always a long wait for a table. And then a few months ago, I heard that Point Brugge was opening a sister restaurant in Highland Park called Park Bruges, specializing in French-influenced Belgian food. Highland Park is a bit of a more convenient location than Point Breeze for me, so my girlfriend and I decided to check it out this past Friday night.

I was hoping that word of Park Bruges hadn’t spread quite yet and therefore there wouldn’t be much of a wait for a table, but I was wrong. It was Friday night, after all. We arrived right before 8:00 PM and were told there’d be about a half hour wait. Unfortunately, there were no seats available at the small bar area. I would have liked to have sat there and enjoyed a beer from their exhaustive list of Belgian beers while we waited, but instead we sat and waited by the front door.

Park Bruges is not very large inside but the dining room doesn’t feel cramped. The restaurant is decorated simply and tastefully, the walls covered in soothing tones accented by, um, accent lighting.

After forty minutes and a Belgian beer, we were seated at our table. One of Park Bruges’ specialties is moules, or mussels. I spied a few diners feasting on a heaping plate of mussels, and the garlicky scent emitted from them was heavenly. I would have ordered the mussels but I was famished by the time we were seated and wanted the more instant gratification of stuffing something into my mouth instead of picking the meat out of a stack of mollusks. Instead, we ordered one of Park Bruges’ other specialties, poutine, as an appetizer. Touted as Montreal’s official street food, these fries were covered in gravy and cheese curds. They were hearty, delicious and the cheese curds gave them a tangy richness.

Classic Montreal Poutine

Park Bruges offered two specials that night, salmon in a Creole style sauce and rockfish with fingerling potatoes and vegetables. I opted for the salmon and my girlfriend ordered the rockfish. Both of our dishes were served piping hot and both of our fish were cooked perfectly, flaky with a slight crust on the outside.

On an odd note, we were seated along the wall opposite the restrooms in the rear dining area, and my girlfriend commented that she had a clear view of men standing at the urinal when the men’s room door opened. (Not that she was looking or anything.) But they might want to build some sort of obstruction to hide that from view.

Our experience at Park Bruges was very good and we’ll definitely go back. This restaurant is a perfect place to go with a group of friends when time is not an issue, to enjoy a few laughs and a few cold Belgian beers while waiting for a table.

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Salmon in Creole sauce

Rockfish with fingerling potatoes

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