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Coffee Buddha

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Coffee Buddha is the newest hip coffee hangout in Ross Township.  The building is a converted former home on Route 19/Perry Highway in Ross Township.  My expectations were high as we stepped up onto the big and cozy front porch.

The three of us were ready to enjoy a wonderful morning of conversation in a relaxing place.  I ordered a vanilla latte and my friends got a caramel iced coffee and a vanilla iced coffee.  We all liked our coffee well enough but were disappointed in the size of the glasses and the amount of ice in the iced coffees.

The pastries were a bright spot of our visit.  They’re from the wonderful Lincoln Bakery in nearby Bellevue — so the chocolate muffin and doughnut we bought were yummy.

The atmosphere is much better than Starbucks. It’s quirky and cool with plenty of spots to enjoy a private conversation. There are big screen TVs in most rooms all playing the same thing…. the first time we went it was an old Clint Eastwood-type movie (I’ve heard they also play Japanese cartoons) which is something nice to glance at now and then but not too much to distract from our conversation.

I am a little nervous about dogs being welcomed on that big front porch.  We walked by a giant pooch and he didn’t bother us at all but some owners are better than others in knowing when their pets are behaving appropriately.

In a strange twist, there is a meditation room in one of the former bedrooms complete with straw mat and crystal hanging from the ceiling fan.  But that is right next to a room containing a foosball table which could break the meditative concentration!  We mentioned how awesome it would be to witness someone coming out of the meditation room to yell at some rowdy gamers.  But that didn’t happen…. fingers crossed for next time!

Owner Mike Witherel was quoted that he wanted to create a relaxing place for people to loiter.  He has accomplished that goal… now let’s hope he buys some larger glasses and mugs as he serves a bit of charm into the normally boring chain-filled suburbs.

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Coffee Buddha, 4.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings